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Our Privacy Policy

Unlike most website that fill this space with reams of legal gobbley gook that will just confuse and bore us we at Moose River have chosen to keep with the KISS principle (Keep It Simple Simon). Our privacy policy is very simple.

You, gentile reader, have entrusted us with your personal information. We, Lisa & I, view trust as the most precious gift that anyone can give to another and we honor that trust. So, let me make this clear; your personal information will NEVER be given and/or sold to anyone. You have trusted us with you information for us to use, not abuse.

A word about spam. It is a sad fact that when email was being developed those brilliant engineers never thought that their creation would be used in a less than honest way. Sadly the world has more than it's fair share of dishonest people and these people are the ones who spam us. The email protocol does not have any way to prevent the email headers from being hacked. Most spam that you and I get has it's headers hacked.

That being said, if you receive any spam that claims to be from Flea Market Finder, Garage Sale Finder or any of are other website, I assure you it is spam with hacked headers. Do yourself a favor and do not open any attachments and delete the spam straight away.

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