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A note about browsers:

These pages were written with the HTML standards in mind. For some unknown reason Microsoft refuses to support these standards. As a result some of these pages may not render as well as one would want. If you find this half as annoying as we do, we have a few suggestions.

  • FireFox - This is the descendant of Mozilla. Several years ago the Mozilla people did a complete re-write and this is what they came with. This is really a first rate browser that runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, it is the browser we write against and best of all it is FREE. You can find it at the Mozilla home page

  • Google Chrome - The bright boys and girls at Google have come up with another gem. Chrome is their answer to FireFox and what a joy. It's small and very fast. It does lack some of the features that FireFox has but if you want a modern browser that will run well on your older computer you just can't go wrong with Google Chrome